Secretary Chu @ UNM

On Thursday (1/26) US Energy Secretary Steven Chu spoke to a standing-room only crowd of about 250 engineering students at UNM.  Here, for your listening pleasure are a few of his (mostly) unedited thoughts.

One of the first questions (not surprisingly, given the President’s State of the Union) had to do with the government’s “subsidizing” of natural gas from fracking.  Chu began by clarifying that there is no “subsidizing” going on:

In response to a student’s question about long-term energy planning, Chu explained that, for the first time ever (unbelievable), the Energy Department now has a four year plan.

Another person in the crowd asked about getting the Department of Defense into renewables.

And, finally, in response to a question about whether this is going to be “the 1970’s all over again” when it comes to solar, Chu assured nervous future engineers that, no, this time it’s for real.  Why?  Because a) oil will never be that cheap again, and b) solar will be:

Thanks to Chelsea Marshall for her sound editing!






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