Gazillions to None


Could brown bats, those loveable (har) attic dwellers, go the way of the passenger pigeon?  Scientists worry that White Nose Syndrome could wipe out several species of endangered bats.  But some, including David Hays, speculate that it could mean extinction for even one of the most common species in the country.

I’ve found articles written on WNS back in 2010 lamenting the death of a million bats.  Now, says Hays, that number is six million.  I have to wonder why we haven’t been hearing as much about this as, say, colony collapse disorder in bees?  Duh. It’s a PR issue.  Honey vs. Dracula.  And here I am contributing to the problem with sarcasm in my first sentence.  To make up for that initial indiscretion I offer this spokesgirl to the cause:


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