“That Twinkle in His Eye”

Every once in awhile it’s good to take a look back and see that there has been progress.  If you’re feeling the need for that kind of therapy, check out this tribute to Scott Varner.  I never met Varner in person, but after talking to so many of his friends and admirers I feel like I’ve met him many times before (hi dad). There are many, many wonderful stories about Varner that I wasn’t able to include in this four minute piece, all of which go even further in painting him as the gregarious, freedom-loving, no-nonsense, hilarious guy he was.  Here’s one of my favorite tidbits, discovered while listening back to a recording of Varner’s memorial service.  This is Gary Mallory, who describes himself as “Scott’s only Republican friend” (a claim contested by another speaker later, by the way…)

Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, it’s hard not to find inspiration in Varner’s passion, humor and ability to get things done…all after retirement, nonetheless!  May we all succeed in revealing a bit of our own Varner-spark.  Whatever the cause.  Whichever the party.


2 thoughts on ““That Twinkle in His Eye”

  1. Nice job Sidsel! This was a wonderful little piece that did a lot more to capture Scott than other journalistic stories did! Scott’s probably trying to advocate for change at the pearly gates right now!

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