“Fed Bears are Dead Bears”

Here’s some good information from a bulletin just sent out by the NM Department of Game and Fish.  The main point, actually, is to get people to take better care of their trash since bears who come looking for half-eaten hot dogs are often the ones that end up dead (as “threats to public safety”).  But I thought the rest of these points were worthy of mention…

  • Pick fruit as it ripens and do not allow it to rot on the ground.
  • Do not feed seed to birds in mountain communities between April 15and Nov. 1.
  • Remove hummingbird feeders if bears are using them.
  • If water is attracting bears, do not provide it. That includes decorative fountains and bird baths.
  • Do not feed pets outside.
  • Clean barbeque grills thoroughly and place them in a secure building.
  • Do not stack wood against your home as bears are attracted to rodents.
  • Pick up trash immediately if it is scattered by bears or other animals.

Interesting that we’ll work on our own behavior when the story is about bears, but when it’s wolves it’s all about “conditioned taste aversion.”  But, then, I guess you’d need a lot of chemical to taint an entire trash heap.


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