Alarmism v Realism and the Kirtland Fuel Spill

Thursday on the Call-In Show, Elaine will be talking to several official-types trying to deal with the estimated 8 million gallons of jet fuel creeping around under Kirtland Air Force Base and beyond.  No one would be cavalier enough to say that this spill is not a huge problem– it is.  But just how many alarm bells and flashing lights should be punctuating any discussion on the topic is a point of contention.  While there seems to be general consensus among people who don’t wear wings that progress was far too slow from 1999 to 2010, many of those same public figures appear to be fairly satisfied with how the pace has picked up since the state Environment Department got involved two years ago.

But in this kind of situation there is always going to be distrust.  Distrust about the severity of the problem.  Distrust about the information being given.  Sometimes history proves that distrust to be warranted.  Sometimes it doesn’t.  The catch is that we don’t get to know for sure until after it’s all over.  Either way, when this chapter of Albuquerque’s story is written, it will be Dave McCoy’s voice sounding the notes of warning.

An excerpt from my conversation with the Executive Director of Citizen Action New Mexico airs Thursday during Morning Edition on KUNM.  Here it is in its entirety:


One thought on “Alarmism v Realism and the Kirtland Fuel Spill

  1. I wonder why Dave McCoy will not be part of the panel to counteract the military’s version of the severity of the jet fuel plume. From the testimony I have heard so far, NMED and Bruce Thompson are apologists for the air force as well as many of the members of the WUA. And Bruce Thompson was appointed to the Citizens Advisory Committee by Colonel Connelly. The air force has not extracted any jet fuel liquid and they were notified of the plume in 1997. And if we are to believe their contractor’s estimates the plume is now 500 feet from Kirkland Air Force wells.

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