Climate change and the Southwest

Credit Greg Lundeen / NOAA/ CreativeCommons

On KUNM, we’re running a story about a new study in which scientists show the connections between climate change and ozone depletion in the stratosphere. (You can check out that story here.)

To help listeners understand what all of this might mean for the southwestern United States, I spoke with Joellen Russell, a professor of Biogeochemical Dynamics at the University of Arizona.

I couldn’t get all that information into the newscast, but I wanted to share some of what I learned while reporting this story. Because any day you can listen to a scientist explain something that seems really complicated, it’s a good day.

Here’s Russell explaining the results of that study that appeared in Science.

Here, she talks about research her lab has done, looking at the shifting position of the northern hemisphere storm tract and the impact that’s had on drying in the Southwest:

And here she talks about the jet stream and how climate change isn’t just about warmer temperatures:


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