Pumps, prices, and polls

Today’s Denver Post includes a story about how high gas prices may affect who Colorado voters choose during the presidential election. Here’s an excerpt:

Rising gasoline prices “certainly can have an effect in a razor-close race in a razor-close state,” Denver political analyst Eric Sondermann said.

A Denver Post poll conducted last week found Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in a dead heat in Colorado, with the president leading by 1 percentage point.

“Even if it is not a big effect, it can potentially be decisive if the race is close enough,” Sondermann said of gas prices.

What do you say, New Mexicans? Will gas prices affect your vote?
And since I’m (sort of) on the topic: Do environmental issues factor into your voting behavior? Do your thoughts about environmental issues and/or climate change affect who you’ll vote for in the election?
It seems like I keep hearing that this election is all about the economy. And I’m wondering: Does a candidate’s stance on environmental issues or climate change matter at all to voters? Drop a note in the comments section and let me know your thoughts.

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