Rig numbers up in New Mexico

Oil rig on BLM land. Photo by DOI.

This week, Baker Hughes, Inc. released its numbers on how many oil and gas rigs are active throughout the world right now.

In the United States, the rig count is currently down from what it was a year ago. Last year there were 1,191 rigs; right now, there are 1,859 operating on land, within inland waters, and offshore. (The numbers in the Gulf of Mexico are way up–31 last year versus 50 right now.)

Here in New Mexico the numbers are up slightly. As of last week, there were 87 active rigs in New Mexico. That compares with 83 this time last year.

To browse the data yourself, visit: http://investor.shareholder.com/bhi/rig_counts/rc_index.cfm?showpage=na


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